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Carbon Capture | NYC Building is turning the exhaust into liquid CO2

One of the prominent New York City condominiums has recently taken an interesting approach to sustainability: the carbon capture system! With the help of CarbonQuest, this condo is now utilizing the equipment that will guide boiler exhaust through a carbon capture device. Instead of emitting carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, this new system will let residents feel good about knowing that their emissions are being recycled as liquid carbon dioxide.

By joining forces with property owner Glenwood Management, CarbonQuest made a big move in sustainability for Manhattan’s Lincoln Square neighbourhood – installing their first onsite Building Carbon Capture System™ at 1930 Broadway. This smart technology is projected to reduce the building’s carbon emissions by up to 70%, offering an efficient way of meeting Local Law 97 requirements and helping The Grand Tier go green!

Captured and liquified CO2 is sold to companies that use it to make concrete or fuel alternative energy sources. For example, 1930 Broadway’s liquified CO2 is transported to Glenwood Mason Supply Company — which creates concrete pavers for buildings in New York City. The process of turning our product into useful mineralized concrete happens right here, and then it’s sold back to city buildings.

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